Tompkins County Administration Resumes Search for Chief Equity and Diversity Officer

**This is an official release from Tompkins County administration. Tompkins Weekly did not write this article.
Tompkins County is inviting visionary leaders to apply for the Chief Equity and Diversity Officer position by July 19th, 2020. This is a new senior leadership position in County Administration and will be a partner in driving forward the key strategies of the organization. The Chief Equity and Diversity Officer leads Tompkins County's commitment and strategy to be a diverse, anti-racist, equitable, and inclusive organization at both the programmatic and administrative levels.

Lisa Holmes, Tompkins County Deputy Administrator and Interim Human Resources Commissioner stated, “In the Chief Equity and Diversity Officer we are seeking someone who is a visionary leader, a collaborator and key strategist who can help shape the future of Tompkins County government.” 

The search, previously scheduled to begin in March, 2020 was put on hold as part of an organization-wide hiring freeze due to COVID-19. The search is being resumed and prioritized as part of the County’s Equity & Anti-Racism Strategy.

Dr. Kenneth Clarke, Sr., Director of the Tompkins County Office of Human Rights and member of the County’s Diversity and Inclusion Infusion Team stated, “The Chief Equity Diversity Officer position symbolizes the priority Tompkins County leadership has placed on centering racial and other forms of equity in its policies, practices and programs.”

Rachel Graham, Administrative Recording Clerk and member of the County’s Diversity and Inclusion Infusion Team stated, “We (Diversity & Inclusion Infusion Team) knew when we began our research in January, 2019 that this was necessary and important work for Tompkins County. As we delved deeper it became clear to us that there was a need for a qualified leader dedicated to this work in our organization to continue moving the needle forward and to affect substantive change here in Tompkins County. I’m grateful that we’re moving forward with this recommendation and look forward to collaborating with Tompkins County’s first Chief Equity and Diversity Officer.”

René Borgella, Public Health Sanitarian and member of the County’s Diversity and Inclusion Infusion Team stated, “After over a year and a half of taking a critical look at how Tompkins County can better serve its community regarding equity in its policies and services available to our community, our CEDO can help guide us as we develop and put in place important and significant action to build a future for our community that truly give equity and justice the focus it deserves.”

Inquiries about the role can be directed to Human Resources (607) 274-5526.

More information on the position is available here.


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